SafeHoney™ Personal Alarm

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Security experts developed this top-rated self defense gadget 

Women deserve to feel safe! With this lightweight safety alarm, it is easily accessible and is designed to deter an attack.👌

The SafeHoney™ Personal Alarm should stop any perpetrator in their tracks. This one-of-a-kind gadget comes with incredible special features and can be stored anywhere. A snap clip is included with every SafeHoney™ so it can be conveniently accessible. Easily attach it to any set of keys, or store it in a pocket or bag.

What is the SafeHoney™ Personal Alarm and how effective is it?

The SafeHoney™ Personal Alarm is a self-defense keychain that creates an alarm as loud as 130dB. For perspective, a plane taking off is 110dB. 130dB+ is considered harmful to the ear. This is the sound level of a rocket ship launching🚀

The SafeHoney™ Personal Alarm is so easy to use, just pull the pin and it will sound the alarm. 

The SafeHoney™ Personal Alarm has amazing features to help stay safe in any dangerous and scary situation. 😇

With our lightning fast shipping, the SafeHoney™ will arrive within 5 days. ⚡️

With a 130 decibel alarm and a flashing strobe light, easily create a diversion in case of an emergency! SafeHoney is there if there is ever a threat. 

We started SafeHoney because the women in our life deserve to feel safe and protected. Making women feel safe it our top priority! The CDC focuses on empowering women to avoid an assault, and that's our goal. Let's empower women.